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New Jersey UASI SCT Training
cgurley on 2017-03-30 08:09:55

Honored and proud to be working with Newark Fire Department and the local municipalities on this training. Thanks to all the hard working instructors from New Jersey along with Spec Rescue lead instructors Larry Phillips and Paul Lancaster for two weeks of helping to keep people safe.


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Frank Bellina - 2017-04-02 05:31:32
The instructor's were 100% into the program and took the time to correct and inform the students on what needed to be done, everyone stayed active using tools and equipment. Thank You SRI for a grate class and a BIG thank you to the M.U.S.T. committee and the UASI people in helping us move forward and get this program BACK ON TRACK...! Stay Safe Everyone and Never Forget WTC 911 ... Reply