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Management & Leadership Programs

Leadership is a value, much like family values that are passed on from generation to generation.

Spec Rescue provides a wide range of training opportunities for your organization. Our training is unique in that we focus on not just the knowledge, skills and abilities you need to succeed but in our 'hidden modules' we focus on teamwork, team life cycles and team decision training.


LEADERSHIP - Buddy to Boss

Leadership is about understanding yourself and others. It's about coming to work everyday prepared to be an "everyday Leader". Combined with leadership is the ability to effectively use management tools and techniques provided to you by the organization to assist you. This course is for members seeking promotion, front line officers, Battalion Chiefs and anyone in a leadership role that wants a solid foundation from which to work, lead and prosper.

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Chief, What Your Members Want from You

Chief officers at every level of the organization reach that level for a wide range of reasons. When, as Chief Officers, we fail to recognize the importance, influence and commitment our front line members must provide to assure the organization is successful, we begin a failure process that we will not recover from quickly. Understanding what people in your organization need and desire is critical to your success. Examine humanistic issues, training, discipline, leadership roles and education from an entirely different perspective. Course is one day (8 hours).

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Why Leadership Fails - 4 hours

Leadership is a value, much like family values that are passed on from generation to generation. Pass on the wrong values and you establish a dysfunctional organization (family) that consumes itself with poor decision-making, favoritism, poor direction and other dysfunctional characteristics of organizations gone wrong. Lets examine what we can do to short circuit poor leadership and establish a functional base where leaders can grow and prosper. Course length is 4 hours.

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