Spec Rescue

training & consulting

Spec Rescue provides a wide range of training opportunities for your organization. Our training is unique in that we focus on not just the knowledge, skills and abilities you need to succeed but in our “hidden modules” we focus on teamwork, team lifecycles and team decision training. If you don’t see it in this course catalog ask, we custom design courses all the time. If we don’t offer it, we have a partner that does! Our consulting staff is available to evaluate, review and suggest methods and processes that can enhance your organizational capabilities, improve your teamwork and increase your margin of safety while reducing your risk.

Equipment Sales:

We offer a wide range of equipment from which you can choose. We are primarily an OEM dealer and work closely as prime distributors for some of the most recognized names in equipment. Our equipment cache includes rescue, HAZMAT, tactical, clothing and a robust selection from which you can choose. If you need it we have it.

Organization Planning and Risk Management:

There is an old saying in risk management “If its predictable, its preventable.” Our risk management programs can help you address everything from OSHA compliance to preparing for catastrophic events, terrorism and plan development and exercise. We are more than happy to discuss your needs.

Remote search teams:

If you need a team of specialists to locate missing personnel, wreckage or have a unique need that only humans on the ground can provide let us know. We have a wide network of providers, and past military operators and partnerships, which enable us to assemble teams for just about any task. If we cannot assemble the team, or if it is beyond our expertise our partnerships with companies like AMTI, Global Mapping Systems, Blackwater and Waterborne greatly enhance your chances of success.

Specialty repairs:

We have worked above grade, below grade and at grade to repair some of the strangest items you can imagine. Thousand foot shafts completing pipe work, to rigging high lines to repair netting are just a few of the unique jobs under our belts.

Confined Space Standby Teams:

If you need professionally run and equipped standby teams for high-risk entries call us. Our team members have been involved in dozens of actual rescues and recoveries. Spec Rescue provides all equipment and personnel. We have provided standby teams for evidence recovery in court cases and in industrial and military settings.

Expert witness and case reviews:

Spec’s personnel are actively involved in providing expert witnesses for cases, case review for attorneys, deposition review and reporting and a wide range of services within the legal system. We have participated in a wide range of case review, reporting and testimony over the years and would be glad to provide references for firms we have worked with over the years. If we do not have someone with the expertise to assist you our wide range of contacts outside of the company will enable us to provide you with an individual or organization that can provide the expert you seek.

Systems Consulting Consulting/Multimedia:

• Spec Rescue offers a wide range of systems consulting practices including but not limited to: Systems affiliations and mergers
• SOP and policy implementation
• Program development
• Site evaluations and reports
• Team evaluations and response improvements
• Safety and OSHA compliance consulting
• Multi-media script writing, technical expertise and program review
• Movie script and cinema subject matter experts and advisors