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2021-01-12 -

L960- Division Group Supervisor Training 

March 16-18, 2021 

Baton Rouge, LA

$360 per student (food and lodging not included) 

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The course will provide local- and state- level emergency responders with a robust understanding of the duties, responsibilities, and capabilities of an effective Division/Group Supervisor on an All-Hazards Incident Management Team (AHIMT). The course walks participants through general information, including an overview of the Operations Section and information on incident mobilization, initial situational awareness, and unit management. It also provides detailed instruction on responding to the incident and the command needs of the incident, and emphasizes the importance of risk management and safety considerations.

This course is an instructor-led training that supports learning through discussion, lecture, and active participation in multiple exercises that provides a realistic, scenario-driven approach to mastering the skills required of a Supervisor.


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