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Rich Alfes

Partner/Northeast Director

Rich is the North East Director and a Partner of SPEC RESCUE International. He develops and delivers fire and technical rescue classes worldwide, specializing in Technical Rescue and Special Operations. Rich has trained students at industry-leading organizations including FDIC/ H.O.T. team building, Wolcott Regional Fire School, the Connecticut Fire Academy, and the University of New Haven.

A 21-year veteran of the fire service, Rich is currently a shift commander with the Naugatuck Fire Department. He is credited by his department for the formation of a comprehensive breathing apparatus program and the development of a rescue and collapse unit. Rich received the prestigious Firefighter of the Year award in Connecticut in 2002, as well as numerous other awards and citations throughout his career.

Rich is a Rescue Specialist with the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue program and is assigned to the Massachusetts Task Force, Squad (A). He also serves as an L-2 instructor for the Department of Homeland Securities US&R Task Forces. Rich was one of many Rescue Specialists deployed with the Massachusetts Task Force to the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Rich has completed many NFPA-certified courses including Fire Officer, Safety Officer, Hazardous Material Technician and Instructor. Prior to working in the fire service, Rich worked at the Bullard Machine Tool Company for eleven years and attended the University of Bridgeport for Mechanical Engineering.